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Christian Childbirth Handbook

Preparing to give birth involves your body, your mind and your spirit. Your body must be strong and ready to do the work, your mind must understand the process and be ready to make decisions and your spirit must be willing to submit to the call of God. The Christian Childbirth Handbook helps you do all three.

Like a childbirth class in a book, the Christian Childbirth Handbook provides you with information, journaling questions, challenging activities, labor rehearsals and more. Use it to supplement the childbirth class you are taking, or to prepare when childbirth classes are not available.

Written from a Biblical perspective, the Christian Childbirth Handbook explores how being a Christian affects the childbirth experience. It discusses how faith impacts labor and how biblical principals direct your decision making process. Unafraid of difficult topics, the Christian Childbirth Handbook explores pain in labor, challenges in labor and the way childbirth is portrayed in the Bible.

Honest and accurate, the Christian Childbirth Handbook discusses the options available to you and the ways they can affect the labor process. Learn how to discover the comfort measures that are most likely to work for you. Discover the common side effects of pain relief, and what you can do about them if you decide to use medication. Explore the decisions you will need to make as you plan for your baby's birth.

The biblical guide to help you prepare for the upcoming birth of your baby.

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Christian Childbirth Handbook

Christian Childbirth Handbook
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